Our Solar Soaring Calculator finds the most efficient way to use solar panels on your property, showing potential cost and energy savings. This app instantly calculates projected yearly savings and compares the overall efficiency our product with other solar-powered systems on the market.


Solar Soaring technology was developed by the research team at K-Hart International. This innovative design, which has a worldwide patent pending, is an exciting breakthrough in solar-power technology, since it is significantly more efficient than any existing product on the market. In part, this is because the Solar Soaring technology uses solar radiation to maximise its power output. Its unique design also incorporates solar panels of various sizes, depending on energy requirements, and can withstand severe weather conditions.

Because of its flexible design, the units are able to track both direct and reflected sunlight, and can fold into a v-shaped formation in response to environmental conditions. More..

The new generation of 10kW plants will be demonstrated in Box Hill, NSW, Australia by January 2016. This plant is capable of powering houses day and night making revenue from day one.

The 10kW solar units are self-activated, self-controlled, and track sunlight, even during cloudy days due to the easy connect system. 90% of the parts in the plant is recyclable and generates a revenue even after its life.

This plant is aesthetically pleasing as all the cables and electronic equipment are well secured from direct sunlight and storms, as they are kept inside the active hinges of the plant. This allows for the generation of cost-efficient power production, throughout the year, due to the non existence of frequent maintenance.
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Our pioneering Solar Soaring design gives protection from severe wind and rain, as well as dust deposits, significantly reducing maintenance expenses.
Our solar units use Solar Soaring technology to track direct sunlight throughout the day, as well as collecting any reflected light. And because they use a single actuator, the units maximise the amount of harnessed energy. We also always ensure that the maximum heights of our units do not exceed council and strata restrictions

While other solar energy systems are mounted on immovable steel frames, our flexible design allows the solar panels to move throughout the day, an innovation that makes our units far more effective at harnessing solar energy. Our units are designed to be used in a range of different commercial and private settings.

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