The solar soaring calculator intends to find the best possible way of minimizing the money spent on the energy bill and minimizing the number of solar panels, which adds more savings to your budget. The app instantly calculates the amount of money you can save per year and the number of solar panels that you reduce, compared with currently available solar power systems.


Solar Soaring technology was developed by the research team at K-Hart International. This innovative design, which has a worldwide patent, is an exciting breakthrough in solar-power technology, since it is significantly more efficient than any existing product on the market.

In part, this is because the Solar Soaring technology uses solar radiation to maximise its power output. Its unique design also incorporates solar panels of various sizes, depending on energy requirements, and can withstand severe weather conditions. Because of its flexible design, the units are able to track both direct and reflected sunlight, and can fold into a v-shaped formation in response to environmental conditions. This allows the units to survive strong wind gusts, heavy rains, and also minimises dust deposits. In addition, its single actuator design allows for a significant increase in the amount of energy that is harnessed.

The design has clear advantages in both commercial and residential settings. To see how Solar Soaring technology could best meet your energy needs, try our Solar Soaring Calculator, which instantly calculates projected yearly savings and compares the overall efficiency our product with other solar power systems on the market. 



Innovative Solar energy harnessing technology makes the lowest carbon foot print on Earth..

Counting down for revolution in renewable energy. Solar Soaring Product Launch in 2015..!

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